Cork Card – setting up a new business in Cork City and County



Starting a new business

Being in Finance is not as exciting as everyone makes out!   So….City Card Ltd was founded and Cork Card was born in 2018. The idea is all over the world but not in Ireland so here it is!  Cork’s very own City Card.


In Ireland, I am starting with Cork as I live here now with my husband (who is from Cork), daughter (who was born in Cork) and our very bouncy dog Spud.  


So, how hard is it starting a new company in Ireland?   Very… it takes dedication, hard work and to keep trying and getting out there.


I started my journey pre baby days, I had the idea, scoped it out, did the financials (of course!) and it seemed to tally.  I don’t think I’ll be a millionaire, but will be very happy to have a good business that works in Ireland and Cork grow. Also allowing

me much needed family time whilst the daughter is still young.    


So, idea was scoped, I was pregnant and ready to have loads of time on my hands whilst on maternity leave!!!    Oh how I laugh with the mums and dads about that now (those that know, know!) 2.5 years later we have lift off!     


The only person to take the leap and do this was me; I am the only one to change my life. I panicked about whether I was doing the right thing then tried to pull myself back into reality.   It was hard, the hardest part was to mentally move my head into the self-employed state and still is, there are days I panic, days I wonder what was I thinking. But so far am I learning and enjoying myself… yes!   I am loving the way my career is going and I have met so many lovely people along the way I wonder why I didn’t do it sooner.


What I did 

In terms of the business, I have been walking into companies in Cork, introducing myself, introducing my business and saying what I is all about, attending networking events, listening to people – thank you for all the advice to those that know me, I have taken on board what you say and done what I can; I will always be grateful of any advice or if I missed it and haven’t done it, please repeat it.


So, fast forward to now.  The set-up of everything, contacting people and businesses in Cork, trying to understand Cork (still learning) and 8 months later I have the website up, am very happy with the graphic design and am moving the business into a mix of sales and improving.  


Don’t just think setting up easy though, I have been ignored, been told my idea is outdated and basically just dismissed and not even listened to (rude).  These times are hard! But the lovely and helpful ones far outweigh the bad, and each one reading this knows the area fall and I hope you are the helpful nice one, cause you are be better ones! Work through the bad to get to the good.   Here are all the good supportive ones.


Thank you for reading my story, and I look forward to welcoming you on board with City Card as a business, employer or a friend.  You are all friends in Cork and I welcome you to enjoy Cork!  Check us out at on Instagram, facebook and Twitter. 


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